Gift your loved ones this holiday season without burning a hole in your pocket. Christmas is right around the corner and with the increasing prices of all the things, its hard to find decent presents under your budget. But fear not my friends! For I have finally conjured up an amazing list of gift ideas for you all! They are easy and affordable. Most of these ideas are Do-It-Yourself. So you can have lots of fun while making them too!

So what are you waiting for!

Let’s jump right in!


  1. Homemade cookies

Since we are already in the Holiday spirit, what better way to show that than a sweet platter of homemade cookies. You can bake them yourself or buy from any good bakeries around the town.





  1. Scented candles

Everyone loves candles. Don’t you think they just brighten up long snowy nights more? My favourite are the scented ones. There are so many fragrance to try for! Check them out!





  1. Handmade soaps

A good alternative to expensive bath products indeed! You can try making them yourself or you can check out any drugstore.








  1. Planter’s box

I am sure someone in your circle boasts of having a green thumb. This gift is ideal for that person who spends hours creating their perfect garden. You can turn any wooden crate into a planter’s box. Just decorate them as you like and voila! Your gift is ready!





  1. Phone cases

Another DIY choice for you is right here! You can either buy a clear case to decorate them as you like or check for something in the stores. Personally, I would go for the DIY. Check out these studded phone cases. Aren’t they cute?






  1. Mugs

Who doesn’t love coffee or tea? And what better way to show an appreciation than give them Christmas themed coffee mugs.






  1. Journal

For those who love to write and plan, a journal is a perfect gift idea. You can decorate the cover and accessorise them with post-its, flaps and pockets to hold memorabilia.





  1. Gift cards

And if all else fails? Give them a gift card to their favourite store! That one never goes a miss.






So join in the holiday celebrations and enjoy the fun with your family and friends!






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