A still from Chris Hemsworth's Thor: Ragnarok

Everyone is already praising it and the movie is itself going to be the next big superhero flick of 2017, after Logan, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Yes, this next big movie is next month’s Thor: Ragnarok which is touted to be one of the best Marvel films ever made in the decade and the best solo Thor movie ever, too! Early reviews and rave responses by critics are proving to be a big advantage for this third installment of ‘God of Thunder’.

As per the reports by Deadline, the movie is said to open with a humongous $100 million, or around $85-100 million in its first week, when it eventually arrives on November 3rd.

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth in his iconic and evergreen role of Asgard’s Thor, with Tom Hiddleston as his evil step-brother Loki and Mark Ruffalo as the big-green Hulk, and not the least, Cate Blanchett as the supervillain, Hela-joining the MCU for the first time.

The movie is directed by ‘new man’ Taika Waititi, who has helmed the movie in his own stylish manner-as per the positive reports and rumors.

Stay tuned for our review for Thor: Ragnarok. Only at ScrollToday.


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