Call of Duty fans, rejoice! Sony  announced on their PlayStation Blog, they are now planning to launch a new $300 bundle with the 500 GB slim PS4 model with both ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Premium edition- a physical copy), and ‘Modern Warfare Remastered. New ‘Call of Duty’ PS4 Bundle, that they will be launching next week.

It includes both key components: Infinite Warfare (Blu-ray disc) and Modern Warfare Remastered (download voucher). Along with a 500GB slim PS4 console and a legacy edition of Infinite Warfare, you’ll also receive a digital copy of Modern Warfare Remastered (Call of Duty), which can only be played if the physical copy of Infinite Warfare disc is inserted into your console.

According to Sony (via the PlayStation Blog), “This bundle is great for fans who have not yet experienced the grand-scale intergalactic battles of Infinite Warfare. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to relive the iconic campaigns of one of the most critically-acclaimed games in Call of Duty history, with Modern Warfare Remastered. The bundle also comes with a Terminal Bonus Map, which transports players to the re-imagined version of the fan-favourite Terminal map from Modern Warfare 2.”

The ‘Call of Duty’ PS4 bundle becomes available on December 27th.                         Picture Courtesy:- Google Images

PS4 fans, if you decide to pick up PlayStation VR as well, you can download the Jackal Assault VR Experience, which can be downloaded for free of cost in the PlayStation Store. (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare also comes with the “Jackal Assault VR Experience”).

Along with this “Infinite Warfare” promises new Terminal Bonus Maps with some incredible DLC (right around the corner that adds new maps) and completely new 90s rave-themed stage of zombie are also available for players to transport themselves to the re-imagined version of the fan-favourite Terminal map from Modern Warfare 2′ Terminal map, and fans should be excited about these facts.

John Koller of Sony stresses that, “this bundle is really for the fans who have not yet experienced the extravagant outskirts of intergalactic battles of Infinite Warfare.”

Sony and Activision will be launching The ‘Call of Duty’ PS4 bundle and it becomes available on this holiday season December 27th and the going price for the bundle is $299.99 USD/$379.99 CAD.