The new GeForce GTX Max-Q technology would make laptops 3x thinner and 3x more powerful than their previous generation high-powered gaming notebooks. Photo Courtesy:- Nvidia

American visual computing leader Nvidia on Tuesday announced a new design approach called GeForce GTX with Max-Q Design, at the ongoing Computex annual trade show event in Taiwan. The announcement was made by CEO Jen-Hsun Huangat at the Computex event 2017 in Taiwan. The new GeForce GTX Max-Q technology would make laptops 3x thinner and 3x more powerful than their previous generation high-powered gaming notebooks. The GeForce GTX with Max-Q notebooks will come with a list of features that include just 18mm thickness, weights of 5 pounds (approx. 2.26kgs) and with the power of NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU inside, it delivers up to 70 percent better gaming performance than current laptops.

“Max-Q, an integral part of NASA’s mission to launch a man into space, is defined as the point at which the aerodynamic stress on a rocket in atmospheric flight is maximized. Thus, the design of the rocket is precision-engineered around Max-Q. NVIDIA has applied a similar philosophy to designing gaming laptops, enabling OEMs to build laptops that are 3x thinner with up to 3x more performance of previous generation products”, Nvidia said in a press release.

Nvidia is working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system builders to make high-powered gaming laptops thinner, quieter, and faster. The Max-Q design is based on Nvidia’s Pascal gaming GPU architecture, configured for peak efficiency and supporting Nvidia’s most powerful GPUs, such as the GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060. GTX 10-series GPUs manufactured on the leading-edge FinFET 16-nanometer process and has cutting edge GDDR5X and GDDR5 Memory. Every aspect of the Max-Q design is precision-engineered, which includes the laptop, the GPU (graphics processing unit), the software drivers, the thermal and electrical components to ensure peak efficiency.

Max-Q designed gaming laptops will also come with company’s Game Ready drivers to deliver optimal system efficiency while delivering a powerful gaming experience. And the Max-Q powered machines will support entire GeForce gaming platform including the latest gaming technologies such as Nvidia G-Sync display technology, VR, 4K gaming, and more.

The company also introduced WhisperMode technology, which makes laptops run much quieter while playing a hard game. WhisperMode measures the game’s frame rate and also configures the graphics settings for optimal power efficiency simultaneously. According to the company, WhisperMode will be available soon through a GeForce Experience software update. And advanced thermal solutions on the Max-Q designed laptops ensure that GPUs won’t overheat or produce much noise.

“These Max-Q designed laptops are engineered with sophisticated thermal and electrical design,” the company added. “New advanced thermal solutions, along with unprecedented regulator efficiency, enable dramatically higher performance and quieter operations in thin gaming laptops than in anything else currently available.”

However, Max-Q designed gaming laptops will be made available for purchase starting June 27 from the world’s leading laptop OEMs and system builders, including Acer, Aftershock, Alienware, ASUS, Clevo, Dream Machine, ECT, Gigabyte, Hasee, HP, LDLC, Lenovo, Machenike, Maingear, Mechrevo, MSI, Multicom, Origin PC, PC Specialist, Sager, Scan, Terrans Force, Tronic’5 and XoticPC. Notably, the pricing details, availability and features may vary.