After Baahubali’s  sensational success nationwide, Prabhas is rated as the next big super star in Bollywood. Since his performance has been loved by audiences even in North India, the curiosity amongst the audience post-Baahubali too has increased incredibly. This actor has some X-factor and this is the reason Bollywood directors and his fans are keeping an eye in which film actor Prabhas would make his debut in Bollywood. It is true that Bollywood directors are queueing up at the residence of Prabhas but the actor is in no haste to sign any Bollywood project. So he has kept his fans waiting and guessing still!  Well, as soon as Baahubali-2 broke all the records in the north, it was Karan Johar first to announce that Prabhas will be launched in a big manner in his home production. But then Prabhas too did not break the ice whether he was keen to sign Karan Johar’s project.

Next, we heard that it is not Karan Johar, but Rohit Shetty is planning to cast Prabhas in his next project.  Since the media has put the story of Prabhas making debut with Salman Khan in a Rohit Shetty’s film and the news became viral as it was indeed a news that would have really kept fans of Salman and Prabhas intrigued. However, reacting to the above story,  Rohit Shetty termed it as ‘’a fake news’’. Now we all know that Prabhas is charging a huge price after the success of Baahubli-2. Will any  Bollywood director will be able to bear the salary which Salman and Prabhas might charge for a film if they together?  Many factors determine a movie star’s value — including box-office numbers, social-media buzz, increasing foreign strength, and critical respect — which both Salman and Prabhas share equally.  So, we only can rely on the fact that Prabhas’ fortune in Bollywood would change drastically if Karan Johar finds a suitable project for the Tollywood star. The number game in box office still proves that Tollywood  Prabhas is the biggest movie star in India.