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There will be a smaller version of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, and it may be or will be called ‘Dream Lite’. According to some sources it has been revealed.

Last week on Geekbench listing, a device was also named with a dual-camera and people have been speculating ever since. They are thinking that it is probably the smaller S9 model!

And that model which everyone is thinking to be a S9 Mini, had a generic name of SM-G8750. But all these are just rumors since many other sources are claiming it to be some different version and not exactly the part of the S line-up.

Have a look at the list which was shown on online portal, Geekbench.

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Another thing is that this listed, new phone model of Samsung has a “CN China” Bluetooth certification, which means, clearly, that it will be specially designed for the Chinese market!

As per the rumors, this seems the scenario right now. But it will only be announced later on by Samsung itself, whether or not the new smaller phone will be called ‘Dream Lite’ or not, or it will be for China only, or not.


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