Chris Hemsworth as Thor, in Ragnarok

November has finally begun, with a monstrous bang by God of Thunder! Thor: Ragnarok has ‘hulk smashed’ US box-office with a record $121 million in its opening week. Though, it had already been a visitor to other theatres of International territories before its US debut and due to which, the ‘threequel’ has so far taken in an astounding amount on the worldwide box-office charts.

Talking specifically about the International markets, then Taika Waititi’s comical/fun directorial has earned a staggering $151.4 million in its second week after it was released last week, around October 25th. The International figures for the first week stood at $154.6 million, which, after combining with the 2nd, brings the overall overseas total to an impressive $306 million! And adding it with the current domestic opening, the worldwide collection comes to a mammoth $427 million!

After September’s scary ‘IT’, Ragnarok has proved to be a solid contender to rule the box-office from now on, till the next big rival approaches, i.e., DC’s Justice League-‘all in’ on November 17th.

Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi

And-and-and, there is still one more, ‘biggest giant’, waiting to annihilate these two monsters-Star Wars: The Last Jedi, attacking in the last month of the calendar, on December 15th.

So, the game is on and its still to be seen whether Thor: Ragnarok manages to go beyond it’s preceding two Marvel movies this year or not-Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 ($863 million worldwide) and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($879.9 million worldwide).


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