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World’s largest messaging platform WhatsApp has a new update coming soon. The new update will give WhatsApp’s status new look. Say goodbye to the old Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp and get ready to welcome the new revamped status look. The new status look will allow users to post photos, GIF’s, Videos as status.  These photos, videos will be visible to users other phone contacts for only 24 hours before disappearing. Also, users can add overlays to these photos and videos.

The features rolling out in this new update look heavily ‘inspired’ from hugely successful social media platform Snapchat. The features were also introduced on Instagram and called ‘Instagram Stories’.

Snapchat has a user base of 150 million which is quite small to Facebook’s massive 1.18 billion users. But Snapchat has a massive numbers of young users. The young generation is one demographic that Facebook is quickly losing. Also, its no secret that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013.

WhatsApp new status look inspired by Snapchat coincidence?
WhatsApp new status look inspired by Snapchat coincidence?

Facebook in 2013 failed to buy Snapchat, it is now trying a new tactic. FB is essentially introducing features on its platform which are heavily “inspired” by Snapchat like WhatsApp’s new status look.

The Mark Zuckerberg led company to its credit has a massive user base. Instagram also owned by Facebook has over 300 million users while WhatsApp too has a billion people using its app.

The new WhatsApp will add a new tab besides call and chat in the app. The new tab will be for Status. Users can click photos or record short videos as their status. This status will be visible to all the users WhatsApp contacts. Same as Snapchat stories the status will be disappear after 24 hours. The clicked photos and videos can also be customised by adding overlays such as drawings, emojis or caption.

The new update has started rolling out in Europe and will be soon available for download all around the world.