Actor Rishi Kapoor has found himself in another spat, probably

His tweets always spark some or the other controversy and now veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has done it again, with his latest tweet on international singer Beyonce. The veteran actor has compared Beyonce to a flower vase in his tweet which he posted recently, on Monday. And as expected, this caused furore among the users on Twitter. Some found it funny, whereas others just didn’t like it.

One of the users on Twitter was Sucharita Tyagi, an RJ from Mumbai, who didn’t like Rishi Kapoor’s tweet and rather posted her own reply to him. To which Rishi Kapoor messaged her, directly and told her to take things ‘not seriously’ and in a humorous way, instead.

Earlier too, Rishi Kapoor was engaged in a controversial tweet when he compared Kim Kardashian to a ‘mesh bag’ in one of his tweets.

What are your views on this? Do you think Rishi Kapoor’s tweets are just funny and people should take them in a humorous manner? Drop your reactions in the comments section, below.


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