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The MCU storm is unstoppable right now and the 19th entry in the franchise, Avengers: Infinity War is leading the charge to take the universe on a whole new realm of popularity and success globally. The latest release of Marvel Studios has now gone beyond the mark of $1.85 billion, worldwide!

And also, the film has just recently become the most successful MCU film in China also, grossing $300 million-only few films have done it; earning beyond $300 million, both domestically and in away markets too.

On its 27th day of release only, Infinity War cleared up the $1.85bn barrier and it’s insane, because no other movie in history has collected so much amount worldwide in just under one month! And now, it’s already close to touch the magical peak of $2bn!

It looks certain, as it’s only $150 million shy of getting there.

Domestically too, the culminating movie from Joe and Anthony Russo has become the eighth movie in the US to cross the mark of $600 million. It is currently sitting at around $604 million. Well, it looks like the film will take more time in its home country to beat the record of MCU’s earlier release this year, Black Panther, which made around $698 million.

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