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The craze of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or simply, PUBG game has taken the people by storm on social media, worldwide, at the moment. It is feeling same like what happened two years back, with Pokemon Go, touching the heights of unmatched popularity. But the love for PUBG game has made the players across the globe swayed by its gameplay.

So, it was really necessary to give you the very details about this badass game. Those who have not played it still and are about to start their PUBG campaign online, here are some crucial tips and guidance that you need to go through, for a better gaming and becoming a champion among tons of others players.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is designed and developed by a person named Brendon Green, along with Tencent Games, Bluehole Studio Inc. and PUBG Corporation. And though it was released only a year ago, in March, its raging popularity just got a boost after the beginning of 2018.

The platforms for PUBG include Xbox, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows (for PCs too).

And it won’t be surprising to say that, it has become the best-selling Xbox One game by copies sold (5 million), in the world!

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How to start and useful tips

  1. The game generally depends on sound-yes, the player’s footsteps in the gameplay, which can be a benefit for other players! It can help you access the position of your enemy players and what not. You can know their distance from you. But as it acts as an advantage, it also acts in the reverse too! That means that you can also be found the same way and thus, can get killed too! So, beware of this dual edged sword advantage.
  2. As you keep on playing the game, the area comes to shrink (being indicated by two circles, white and blue). Once this time elapses, the blue circle will start to shrink and after a dozen of seconds or so, it will shrink to the size of the white one. If you happen to be outside of the borders of the blue circle, you will start to take damage. The speed of shrinking and damage you take depends on the stage of the game, at first, it shrinks faster and deals little damage, but with time the shrinking process gets slower, but it deals more damage.

3. And if a new diminished zone appears (white circle), never go into the centre. Always wait and analyse the current scenario.

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  1. Always holster your weapon (rifles or guns) by pressing ‘X’. It helps you to move a bit faster. It can be beneficial to help you cover a long distance when bound by time limit. But don’t always run into an enemy with your weapon holstered, as it will be fatal for you.
  2. Do use the markers, being set up on the map.
  3. You must always decide where to land, when in a plane. You can land in a military base or in a city with buildings. This can be both good and bad as you will face your enemy players much sooner.
  4. Pick a location at the city outskirts, if you want to avoid a quick fight with any other player in the starting of the game itself.

8. Always pay attention to others players when they are on flight, on a parachute. They are easier to spot this way. Try to remember their last location.

  1. Close the door when you enter a building, so it increases your chances of surviving and when an enemy tries to enter that building, you will know about it by their sound/noise.
  2. Run as fast as you can when hit/shot by an unknown enemy player. Try to hide behind something, like a rock, a building, or something. Never be off guard.

11. A building with closed door does not mean that there isn’t an enemy lurking inside! So do always keep a check on the door of a building. If it’s open, it clearly means that an enemy player is inside and even if it’s closed, it may mean that other players who entered before you might have closed it and are inside.

12. You can have a look around you, freely, by pressing ‘ALT’.

13. You can dive in the water to hide from an enemy, by holding down ‘C’. And to come on surface of the water again, hold down ‘SPACE’.

14. Switching between First Person and Third Person is easy, pressing ‘V’.

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15. Holstering the weapon pressing ‘X’, helps you in taking a replenishment of health, when you have to reach a location faster. As there is always a risk of encountering enemies when in a hurry.

16. If the doors are closed and you aren’t sure whether or not there is an enemy behind that closed door, you can destroy the door too by your weapons. This way you can enter, without even opening them.

17. Always move out of the area in which you are, if the circle goes red; move indoors.

18. Each character in PUBG stars with 100 points or 100% health. You must always try to remain in good health or you will die immediately, if the health bar decreases.

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19. For healing yourself in the game, you generally have 6 items and boosters-three boosting items and three healing items:

  1. a) Bandage
  2. b) First Aid and Kit
  3. c) Medkit
  4. d) Energy Drink
  5. e) Painkillers
  6. f) Adrenaline Syringe

Use each of the item when needed in specific situations.


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