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Avengers 3 (Infinity War) may have broken all kinds of records but its ending stunned every fan and MCU lover, with its unexpected climax and teased the one saviour who will eventually help out the Avengers in the next year’s yet untitled, Avengers 4 movie. And that one savior is Captain Marvel, which will be played by actress Brie Larson.

And though, you must be knowing that she will be arriving in March 2019, with her own solo origin film based on the female superhero from Marvel comics, you probably don’t know that before she began shooting for Captain Marvel, she shot for Avengers 4 way before than that!

Yes, its just been revealed recently, that the Oscar winning actress did her scenes for the (certain 2nd part of Infinity War) 4th Avengers flick, where she might have done the role of a ‘big rescuer’ for the now struggling superheroes against Josh Brolin’s Thanos, even before the shooting for Captain Marvel initiated.

In an interview with Collider, Stephen McFeely, one of the screenwriters for Avengers 4, revealed that:

“We were in the position we were in with Spider-Man and Panther where Brie was going to have to shoot her scenes, I think it’s okay to say, before she shot Captain Marvel. So, we can’t really talk about what we decided, but it was clearly a conversation we had to have with Ryan and Anna who didn’t exist yet before when we started that process. So, you are bringing directors on and were trying to set up something that will work for our movie and not screw up their movie.”

Brie Larson during the shoot of Captain Marvel, earlier this year. Image Source:

And it was also officially confirmed, previously, that the shooting for Avengers 4 had already been completed earlier this year.

Captain Marvel, the first MCU female superhero film (after the DCEU introduced Wonder Woman last, winning accolades), is based in 90s era where it will be shown how an Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers takes on the mantle of, what many are saying will be the most powerful superhero in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe-just like she is in the Marvel comics.

Captain Marvel, being helmed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, will be releasing on March 8th, 2019.


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