Krrish will return...

As star actor Hrithik Roshan turned 44 today, his fans wished him from across the globe. But later in the day, father Rakesh Roshan did something which was not only the biggest birthday gift for Hrithik himself, but for all his die-hard fans too!

Rakesh Roshan took to twitter to announce the release of Krrish 4!

Yes, you heard that right-Krrish 4 will be happening, officially! In his tweet, Rakesh Roshan gave the biggest birthday gift to Hrithik’s fans by officially confirming the making of Krrish 4 movie.

Krrish 4 will be arriving in 2020, on the big eve of Christmas.

The superhero caped-crusader has won the hearts of everyone and especially kids, since the release of 2006 blockbuster Krrish and its follow-up, Krrish 3, released in 2013, which was also a box-office mega hit.

Now, it’s obvious that all the fans would be really very elated after getting to know this big announcement.

Krrish will return…


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