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Motorola may announce a new ‘flagship’ phone on the upcoming August 2nd, and it will be something big. There will be a press event in August by the Lenovo owned smartphone manufacturer. The hopes are high from those who are anticipating a surprise from the smartphone maker who gave the Moto G series-being a very successful one.

Motorola in a statement given to The Verge, told that the upcoming press event will “change the way people use and interact with their phones.”

The event will be held in Chicago headquarters at 2pm local time. Well, as far as the predictions go, Motorola may also come up with some new line-ups to the already existing series.

Surely there will be news regarding the Moto Z3 and Moto One Power too-either of them will be revealed in the event. Last year, Moto Z2 was also released at a similar time period-it was in July.

Right now, the Moto G6 is receiving good reviews from the experts and the users too, thanks to the new full-view vision display and other great features.

At the present moment, the budget smartphone war is the most highlighted one among the companies, but flagships are also ruling the roost.


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