Josh Brolin as Thanos in a still from Infinity War. Image Source:

Infinity War is the biggest superhero juggernaut ever released (the box-office numbers are beyond dope), and its impact is still felt among the fans, courtesy an unexpected ending which was unpredictable by anyone! But most interesting part is that even the cast of the film was unaware about the whole movie’s story as they were just asked to act as per the given scenes and not full script (that’s how Marvel Studios works!).

And now actor Josh Brolin, who has received the global status of being the most brilliant super villain ever (after The Dark Knight’s Joker) thanks to his portrayal of Mad Titan Thanos, just recently explained his reaction towards the Infinity War’s ‘dead and sad’ ending.

Brolin and other actors themselves hadn’t watched the film until the world premiere, and when they eventually did, it was shocking!

Josh Brolin shared his experience of watching the completed film for the first time and told:

“I was literally sitting in the theater going, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Spider-Man just disintegrated. That’s not OK.’ I looked at Hemsworth and he looked at me. He smiled and was like, ‘Your career is over.’”

Josh Brolin was speechless to see how many of the superheroes and members of Guardians of the galaxy and half of the universe got disintegrated due to Thanos’s snap of fingers, with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet.


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