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Samsung has finally won the case regarding a bezel-less display and that means that the smartphone giant will be making a big comeback in the display arena, as far as the flagships are concerned! The Galaxy S series maker is preparing for a big leap this year.

The case was pending since the last year, when Samsung filed it on August 24th 2017, and now that the Korean tech giant has succeeded to win it (as it got approved by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on June 21st 2018), the scenario will definitely change among the display rulers-and the trends too.

The bezel-less display has been the talk of the world since 2017 but many big companies have failed to give what they promise-except Oppo and Vivo, as they have come up with some exceptionally brilliant displays!

The patented design of the bezel-less display by Samsung, has four strips which can be attached to all four sides of a display. The interesting thing is that the strips can be made from materials like metal, aluminium or even patterned wood.

Let’s wait and see if Samsung really comes out with a full-view display or not, because one pure contender has already arrived and it’s from Oppo-the Find X!


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