A still from PUBG mobile game. Image Source: media.comicbook.com

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is swaying the gamers like never before-even more than Pokemon Go, perhaps! And to cash in on their excitement and undying ambition of winning the battles, the makers of the game have now come up with the new update of the game, which is PUBG 0.6.0! And as it’s inevitable to think that there will be some really cool additions to this enormously popular online multiplayer game, the new features are just damn awesome.

Two big additions and changes made are the First-Person perspective which wasn’t available in the previous versions and the other being the introduction of the Royal Pass!

You can now unlock new weapons, battle points, cosmetic rewards and experience boosters, to rank up your Royal Pass. This can be achieved freely, but there are two paid sections too, of this pass. The first is called the ‘Elite upgrade’, which is also the cheapest at 600 Unknown Cash ($10) providing you 2000 UC worth of rewards that includes rare weapons, unlocked weekly elite missions and rare sweatshirt too.

The second one is the ‘Elite upgrade plus’ that usually costs you 4,500 UC ($74.98), but right now it has been discounted to 1,800 UC (which in itself is at the moment not gettable, and you have to buy 2100 for $34.98). But this purchase will let you unlock 8000 UC worth of rewards, involving a few rare weapons, 20 ranks worth of Royal Points, aircraft, clothing skins and also an already unlocked weekly elite mission too.

FPS mode on PUBG available now. Image Source: www.androidpolice.com

But as mentioned above, there is also one more feature which has been added, and that is the First-Person mode and now you can switch to ‘FPS’-but you can only switch between the third-person and first-person mode in the start screen itself, which means that you can’t change it while playing a match. There will be a button in the upper left corner of the start screen for switching modes.

But along with these two additions, there are a whole lot of other features which have been instilled into the update 0.6.0 of PUBG, so you can have a look at them below, as they all are listed (since there are many).

-1st person perspective.
– Royale Pass Season 1.
– Mini-Zone: A smaller map, more resources & air drops!
– Weapon & airplane finishes.
– View weapons in the new Armory.
– Pistols now get their own UI.
– Melee weapons can destroy tires.
– Individual teammates can be muted.
– Post-match results screen.
– Tier protection system.
– Asian character models.
– Emotes.
– Able to link 2 social networks.
– Added room cards.
– New items in the shop.
– Items can be gifted.

This game is improvising for the good only, and from here it seems that it will certainly become the greatest ever mobile game among its rivals, especially the Fortnite, which is going to be released for download, in just a few days-officially on Android! The fight is becoming interesting now, between these two, as the latter one is also fantastic.


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