This season the makers of Big Boss Tamil 2 have done a very-very innovative and amazing thing for the viewers, since they wanted to make them feel like they too are there in the house itself, with contestants! How?

Well, thanks to the virtual reality technology and Hotstar, through which it’s happening now!

Hotstar is already streaming the episodes of the season 2 of Big Boss tamil, but it has also added a new way of watching it by adding VR taste. Now, you can take a whole tour of the house with the host and anchor Kamal Haasan himself, giving you the information about the entire Big Boss house and also acquainting you about the rules and regulations. You can check out the above video for understanding this better.

And this is not all, when you enter the house via your VR headsets, you will witness more than one Kamal Haasan-actually there are four. All of them will give you different details of the various parts of the house-involving a jail too, this time!

So now, you can also have this enthralling experience to yourself, by going to the official link to this VR tour of Big Boss Tamil 2!

A still from the virtual reality tour of Big Boss tamil 2 house! Image Source:

What are your views regarding this new feature of Virtual Reality for this season of Big Boss tamil? Drop your reactions in the comments section and if too you love the virtual reality, then you can straight away click the link given above.


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