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December 4, 2020
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Late night meals can increase weight: Cholesterol levels: Recent Study.

Eating late at night could cause several health problems including weight gain and increase in insulin and cholesterol levels, show the initial results of an ongoing study. According to a recent study,...

Boasting about a busy life may be the latest status symbol: study

Boasting about how hectic life is, or humblebragging may be the new status symbol among Americans, suggests a study by the Harvard University. It was found that Americans tend to perceive busy...

Pregnant women drinking from plastic bottles may have obese babies

Drinking from plastic water bottles, during pregnancy could increase the risk of having an obese baby, says a new study by The Endocrine Society based in Washington DC. Findings of the study...

Lack of sleep can lead to weak immune system, says study

Individuals who are regularly deprived of sleep may develop a weak immune system, says a new study. Researchers at the University of Washington have found that chronic short sleep shuts down programmes...

Children Do not Always Need to Win A Game, Losing is Ok, Says Study

How many times after a game at a kids’ party have we declared magnanimously “everyone was a winner and there is a prize for everybody”.   A recent study says such magnanimity...

Skin Patch Reduces Peanut Allergy Symptoms

A new study shows that a skin patch could help reduce peanut allergies in children. The skin patch delivers protein in small doses thereby alleviating the symptoms of the allergy. Researchers from...
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