As known to all already, actress Trisha had walked out of the Saamy sequel, Saamy Square aka. Saamy 2 citing “creative differences” as the reason. This has now apparently caused a great ordeal for the entire team as the makers are now reworking her portions with reshoots. As a result, producer Shibu Thameens will reportedly be incurring a big loss with such unexpected developments.

Reports now state the matter has gone to the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council and they plan on taking action against the actress.

In addition, it is also being said that the TFPC also intend to address complaints against actors Simbu and Vadivelu for their reckless and unprofessional attitude. The complaints against them are about how they have caused trouble to the makers of their respective films – Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangathavan and Imsai Arasan 24Aam Pulikesi.

It is said Simbu had agreed to star in the sequel to AAA, but only shot for 29 days. The first instalment turned out to be a massive disappointment with the producer reportedly incurring losses amounting to Rs. 18 crores.

Regarding Vadivelu, grand sets are stated to have been erected for his IAP24, but the star comedian is refusing to show up citing he wants the costume designer to be replaced along with few changes in the story-line.

As of latest, the actors have been asked to settle the losses caused to the respective producers and failing to do so may likely evoke a ban from acting in Tamil films officially/unofficially by the TFPC.

Looks like we will now just have to see what happens next.

We will keep you posted as there are further developments.


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