Representative Image; Flickr

It is known that the easiest way to hack into all your accounts is through hacking your email. Once your email is hacked, the hacker can reset your password for all the accounts just by clicking on “Forgot your password?”

Facebook has been working to find a solution for this problem. A new tool was released on Monday which lets you add an extra layer of security when you try to recover your forgotten password. This ensures that even if your email is hacked, it won’t be that easy to reset your password.

Just like there is a two-factor authentication for logging into your accounts, this will be a two-factor authentication for recovering access to your account. Once you clear the steps of forgetting your password, security questions or any other methods you set up, you will need this new tool by Facebook.

Brad Hill, a security engineer for Facebook, wrote, “We need something better, a way to recover access, using identities and services you trust, regardless of whether they are associated with an email address or a phone number,” in a blog post.

The new tool was presented by Hill at the Enigma Cybersecurity Conference taking place in Oakland, California.

Facebook is trying to prevent intruders and this is another step towards it. An intruder with your password will have to pass through multiple layers before hacking into your account. Work towards a password free technology is under process.

Hill mentioned, “The tool is part of Facebook’s larger push to develop technology that will make passwords unnecessary.”

Facebook also released an open-source protocol which allows any online service to let the users prove who they say they are with their Facebook account. Facebook has partnered with GitHub for this program. GitHub users will have access to this tool starting Tuesday. The rest of us have to wait for our web service providers to implement the tool.