Ubisoft let slip some details on what to expect from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch when it hits on 29th of August. From playable characters, strategies, and story mode, this is all need to know.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gameplay is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics 
its true, you read correct. Here there is a team to balance, techniques to master, and a Skill Tree to develop for each of the particular hero. The enemies you face at the very beginning are tougher than ever expect. However it seems to be a whole lot more cerebral. Encounters in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are puzzles with the visual reward being the opportunity to see your favourite Nintendo characters like the Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi pull off their trademark moves in a new genre.

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle combat, skills, and weapons 
The gamut of available weapons and tools in Mario and Rabbids is wide, and each hero can bring both the techniques for the Primary and Secondary to the battlefield that can be combined, with such as using Luigi’s Magnetic Dance to set up a Grenade Duck.

 In one turn, a hero can slide into and trip over an enemy, before Team Jumping off an ally’s shoulders to land behind cover from which to launch another attack. This can set up a chain of attacks that could be anything from a rocket launched Spike, to ink damage from a Bwahntasaurus Wrecks sentry.