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‘Toil throughout the week and rest during the weekend’. This is the current scenario of middle-age people across the globe. With computers assisting human in their tasks,more and more people are falling prey to the gruesome aftermath of desk jobs.

Alcohol-Not a Stress Buster

People have become prone to alcoholic beverages and unhealthy junk food. Alcohol is believed to be a stress buster among professionals. They are mesmerised by the momentary peace provided by these drinks and are not focusing on long term health and happiness.

Many surveys conducted in the recent past give shocking results. It is inferred from the statistics that 83% of today’s middle aged people (40-60 years) are alcoholics and chain smokers. With increasing awareness spread about the consequences of drinking and smoking there seems to be no response from the public in terms of their lifestyle.

Also, exercising daily is a key to a healthy, long lasting life. Another statistics throws light on the fact that only 0.1-0.2% of men and women exercise on a regular basis. The above mentioned statistics are standing proof to the rise in number of people suffering from cancer, obesity and many other diseases.

A health quiz going viral on the internet is the best place for the ones who still have no idea about how healthy their lifestyles are. By answering all the questions honestly one can understand his/her health rating.

The focus should on developing a lifestyle that can benefit both mind and body, instead of depending on drugs and alcohol, whose charms are momentary, and likely to cause more damage. The ideal way is to cut down on dependency drugs slowly and building up an immune system based on exercise and good food habits. Exercises like running, swimming itself act as stress buster and in fact increases the metabolic rate of the body. Getting into a regime of medium diet can also curb dependency on alcohol.