As we know Facebook seems to control all our post on our new feeds but technically that’s quite not possible, it’s difficult to filter every post, said the Facebook Lawyer.

In Engadget, on Wednesday a German lawsuit was filed against Facebook for misusing photos over a fake news. Facebook’s attorney said it wasn’t possible for Facebook to watch for racist language or sexual content in every post arguing that there were millions of posts every day,  which would require ‘wonder machine’ to catch hold of every person who is responsible for the abuse.

Syrian refugee Anas Modamani sued Facebook for using his images in a fake news.

Modamani had taken a selfie with  German Chancellor Angela Merkel which made him connect to the terrorist attacks in one of the fake news.

Modamani didn’t take back and started by giving example of Volkswagon “It couldn’t make every car safe, just because there is a large volume of content doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.”

Modmani added that Facebook is quick in finding Nudity then why can’t it give that much importance to racism or misuse of photos.

“Facebook is so far opposed to paying out damages in the case, but it’s open to a court-offered proposal that would settle the case by blocking use of the photo in question across Europe,” the report stated