The extended universe, or in other words a reboot of the Star Wars franchise began last year, with The Force Awakens, and we all know how it turned out to be. By its end, it went on to become the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time, closing in, on around $2.07bn. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, already released, Disney Studios would be hoping for a repetition, and that’s simply inevitable. Also, it can be said that Disney has (indirectly) decided to introduce females as the main protagonists for its fresh Star Wars reboot series. While there was Daisy Ridley as Rey, in The Force Awakens, here we have Felicity Jones, being cast as Jyn Erso, a rebel who inspires every ordinary individual together, for being a part of a great phenomenon.


Online reviews and critics are all praising it, and it does appears to be catching on those box-office records. Rotten Tomatoes has rated it 84% fresh for the moviegoers. But, has it really got the push, which was responsible for making, The Force Awakens, an unforgettable experience for its fans and all the cinema-goers?

Well, going by the present run of it on the worldwide box-office track, it quite seems obvious, isn’t it? There are some speculations now of Rogue One, entering the top 10 or even the top 3 of all time! When Lucas Film was bought by Disney for a deal of $4bn, four years ago, no one would have imagined these kind of ‘more-than-expected’ results, for the reboot of the respective franchise. After Rogue One, Disney has got one more to release soon, in December 2018, titled Episode VIII.

Made on a budget of around $200mn, the anthology movie has so far grossed more than $290mn, for a worldwide total, and that too, only in its first weekend! Not only this, it’s also collected a whopping $155mn in North America alone for a  2nd best December month opening (US and UK combined)-being just behind The Force Awakens’ collection of $248mn, in North America.

Felicity Jones’s performance has been appreciated as a leader and true rebellion, along with the film’s rest of the cast. Well, these can be called just the early days for Rogue One, yet, it will surely be a success and that’s been proved by the response of the fans.