Dealing with heartbreak is the worst thing and no one should ever grow through this. Along with heartbreak comes loneliness and worthlessness and the best doctor and friend in this situation is your pet.

There’s nothing better than being greeted by a loving, licking pooch when you come back home. It makes you feel so important when you know someone was eagerly waiting for you and your presence means so much to them.

Here’s how pet helped people to deal and overcome the heartbreak.

#Pet keeps you engaged in all their silly activities:


To own a pet is a very big responsibility, they need careful attention and love and when you are busy doing such wonderful things and spending time with your pet there is no scope for any bad memories to come.

#They will teach you to love without any self-interest:


Pet loves you even if you leave them for hours, even if you don’t give them and water. They teach you there is no reason to love someone else because love is the another name of selflessness.

 #Pet helps you to meet new people:


Having a pet made it very easy to interact with people. People show more interest and trust towards you when they see you with an animal. It’s a good way to meet new and wonderful people.

#Pet gives you company in the loneliest day and darkest night:


When you just want to curl into ball and cry and when nothing seems to soothe you, then they give their silent company lying near your legs or head. This small act of action leaves a very big impact, it makes you feel that even in this bad time you are not alone.

#Play time with them is the best time:


When they play they just live the moment. They forget whether they have been fed or not or whether they are going to get their next meal or not. They just live in the moment and play. They teach you to live in the present and not to worry about the future or cry over the past.

 #Pet finds happiness in the smallest things of life:


The way they get excited over a little tennis ball makes you realize how even a small thing can make you happy. We run for luxury. We want lots of affection from all the people around us but the pet can make you learn how the little things can matter the most.

“There’s no better company than an animal’s company and there’s no better love than an animal’s love which is shared irrespective of the boundary of words and language.”


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