Demi Lovato rocks in the latest pic! Image Source:

Singer and actress, Demi Lovato is known both for her sensational voice and attractive looks and figure too! And nowadays, she is used to shock her fans everytime with each new ‘eyeball-raising’ picture, but the way she does it, is just unmatchable!

Recently, the ‘Cool for the Summer’ star did the same thing once again, by uploading a picture of hers, resting on the side of a pool!

She shared a pool picture on Saturday, 25th, April, on her Instagram account, showing herself in an inevitable pose, wearing a blue swim suit-a killing one! She was at the Coechella, and in the snap, she looks just-just smoking hot-setting the temperatures beyond rising.

See for yourself, if you can escape this sexy side of Lovato!

Image Source: Demi Lovato Instagram

The singer’s last album, ‘Tell Me You Love Me‘, was also a mega hit among the music lovers and fans across the globe.


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