The food pyramidIt is a well-known fact that many physical ailments arise due to ageing. It is basically because, many of our cells degrade as we age. The brain also undergoes the same changes. It is said that the brain shrinks as people get old due to degradation of brain cells. This leads to loss of memory in turn. It is also advised that as people get older, they should be more cautious about their eating habits. The Mediterranean diet is a solution to all these issues.

The Mediterranean Diet

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh has shown that following the Mediterranean diet can curb brain shrinkage. The research was conducted over 401 people in their 70’s not having dementia. These people were strictly advised to follow the Mediterranean diet for 3 years and brain scans taken after the period proved that the people who stuck to the diet had larger brains than others.

This healthy Mediterranean diet allows the following foods to be taken in this decreasing priority.

  1. Whole grains, bread
  2. Fruits, vegetables
  3. Olive oil
  4. Fish, seafood
  5. Egg, cheese, poultry
  6. Meat, cheese

The quantity and frequency with which these foods should be taken has been listed from high to low. People should consume more of grains and fruits and meat should be consumed occasionally only.

People who followed this diet have shown less chance of falling prey to memory loss. This diet is providing a keen insight for those who are entering their old age. Through this they can take care of their health and enjoy a peaceful and healthy retired life


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