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Samsung will hit hard in 2019, with probably the first foldable smartphone, Galaxy X, which is still unofficial as far as the announcements are concerned. But soon, everything will change forever in the smartphone design and how we use it for ourselves!

Of course the screen will be curved and foldable for Samsung Galaxy X but other parts will also need to be curved too, and for that, the company has eventually started to work on the curved battery!

The curved batteries for Galaxy X. Image Source:

The capacity will be around 3000mAh and 6000mAh. The capacity may be even larger since the phone itself will be huge, going by the screen, which will be 7.3inch when opened, and 4.5inch when folded.

The battery has been developed by Samsung SDI and its shape is in the form of ‘V’.

The speculations are suggesting that the Galaxy X will be released alongside Galaxy S10 smartphone next year.

It will be really be a true revolution when the first foldable phone arrives, and very much likely, the consumers will be anticipating it as well.


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