Bollywood being one of the biggest in film market produces thousands of films in a year. The fact that Bollywood has so much of content, proves how rich it is. But the problem is that sometimes in the name of art Bollywood has also produced bold movies.

Censor board feels that these movies are not fit for the audience and bans these films. But while doing that they sometimes keep us away from true art and honest content. But the truth is that no matter how authentic these movies are they never got the chance to appear on the silver screen.

Here’s the list of all those films. Take a look!

1. Aligarh

‘Aligarh’ came in 2015 but was banned by Uttar Pradesh state government. This movie was based on a true story of a Marathi gay professor in Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh. The movie was banned because of promoting homosexuality and bold scenes.

2. Parzania

‘Parzania’ was a movie based on Gujarat riots of 2002. The film was banned by Gujarat government in the state.

3. Unfreedom

‘Unfreedom’ went under the censor board’s scissor as it had sexual content on religious fundamentalism.

4. Gandu

‘Gandu’ was a Bengali film. The film was banned due to all the explicit scenes in the movie.

5. Water

‘Water’ was a very beautiful movie released in 2007. But this film suffered the opposition and anger of the Hindus of Varanasi.

6. Amu

‘Amu’ was made on 1984 Sikh riots and was released with an adult rating.

7. Black Friday

‘Black Friday’ was a movie based on Mumbai blast. It was banned by censor board till 1993.

8. The Pink Mirror

In India and Indian culture homosexuality is considered a taboo. ‘The Pink Mirror’ was totally based on homosexuality and that’s why it never came on the silver screen.

9. Paanch

This movie has content related to drugs, sex, and violation. Censor board felt that the movie shouldn’t be shown in public and hence was banned.

10. Fire

This movie had some content that could hurt the Hindu sentiments and that’s why the film was banned. The fundamentalist group of Hindus opposed this film with full force.

11. Kama Sutra: A tale of love

This movie was also banned by the censor board because of some extremely explicit scenes.

12. Bandit Queen

The story of the fierce Phoolan Devi was also banned by the censor board as it had some really bold scenes and consisted bad language.

13. Kissa Kursi Ka

This movie was banned by the Congress government as the movie boldly mocked the emergency imposed by the government.

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