One sector of technological research teams is working hard to instil the concept of ‘eco-friendliness’ into every other component. Supporting the same concept, the Karnataka government has introduced biodiesel buses.

KSRTC is the pioneer in India to introduce bio-diesel buses. During the month of July, last year the 3-4 month trial run for the bio-diesel buses began. These buses that were completely operational on bio-diesel created successful records during the trial run.

Initially, 10 buses were launched that functioned on a mixture of petrol-diesel and biodiesel in the ratio 1:4. Then, new buses were launched that could operate on 100% biodiesel. The newly launched buses are hybrid vehicles that have the capability to function on 100% biodiesel or 100% petrol-diesel. They are the first hybrid vehicles to be launched in India. Hybrid vehicles require retrofit engines that demand an additional sum of 5 lakh rupees per bus.

These buses are operational in the following routes.

  • Bengaluru-Kundapur
  • Bengaluru-Bidar
  • Bengaluru-Tirupati
  • Bengaluru-Chennai
  • Bengaluru-Ernakulam

Interestingly, the test run was done between Bengaluru and Chennai.

These buses are muti-axle air-conditioned buses that are the best to suffice the requirements of the present day’s travellers. Also, KSRTC aims to make its entire fleet of buses run on biodiesel at the soonest. If such a scenario occurs the state could take pride in being the path-setter for the country.