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Yesterday, on the eve of Alia Bhatt’s birthday, King Khan was on his way to wish the b’day
girl and there on the road near to Alia’s house, this mishap happened.

But Shah Rukh Khan once again proved that he is not called ‘The King Khan’ for nothing, he took the photographer to hospital and assured everyone that he would bear the cost required the treatment.

It was Alia Bhatt’s 24th birthday and the Raes actor, Shah Rukh Khan going to wish his Dear Zindagi co-star. As he reached Alia’s residence, he was greeted a huge media to catch a glimpse of the superstar. It was in this hullabaloo that amateur photograph got hurt in his excitement to get photo of his beloved star.

It happened that as photographers realized that Shah Rukh Khan’s car is coming, off course they got excited and amid the crowd, there was this newbie photographer who unfortunately could not estimate the speed of incoming car and the car’s tyre ran over his legs.

But, as soon as the the star got hint of what has happened, he himself got off car and took care that the photographer is given proper medical care. He immediately asked his bodyguard to take him to Nanavati hospital and he decided to pay for the medical bills.

Shah Rukh Khan showed his kind heartedness once again. Fans love Shah Rukh Khan extremely and shower their love on him every time and today, even Shah Rukh Khan loves his Fans in the same way and cares a lot for them. An persons present on spot maintain that the actor was extremely polite and also he asked photographers not be scared as he would take care of the entire incident.

An eye-witness also said that, “SRK then instructed his team to take the injured photographer to Nanavati hospital in his car and called up doctors at hospital. Nothing major happened to man but Shah Rukh Khan entered the building only when his car left to the hospital.”

Yesterday Shah Rukh Khan won our hearts again, our love and respect for the  superstar
grew immensely by this act of showing concern for lensman.