The lifestyle of everyone in 21st century has become very hustle-bustle. There is no peace, comfort and satisfaction. Everyone is running to achieve something big or can say a lot of money. To earn what they desire, they have to work even in those fields that they don’t feel comfortable in. And this is for money.
Are you too doing such a job which isn’t of your interest but it gives you a high-pay? If yes, then you’re not alone in this world and most important, these jobs have been proving stressful for many people. As a study says, there are many professions in the world that are likely to give a person high level of stress. These jobs are most likely to leave a person with depression and tension all the time.
In such a case, if you are thinking jobs like banking, medicine or law may lead to high rate of depression, then you’re wrong.

So, let’s know which are these jobs: 

1. Teaching:

The one of the most prestigious and noble job has a darker side. As per a study, about 30% teachers are dealing with high level depression. Teaching, initially seems to be a happy work but lately it leaves a teacher with stress.

2. Social Working:

Again, the one of the most noble job that are highly valued in the society leaves a social worker with depression in the end. About 15% of social workers come in the category of depressed persons.

3. Care Giving:

If you think and in the profession of care giving, then you may be now or lately dealing with depression everyday. Taking care of old or sick people gives a high level of stress or depression.

4. Engineering:

It looks very promising but is not. This profession leads effecting the mental health of an engineer. In addition to that, engineers due to challenging task and projects in their field, at a higher risk of suicide also.

5. Real Estate:

People who are involved in real estate business have to deal with tension or stress throughout the day. Meeting everyday with new clients leads to depression in their life as they can be abusive, aggressive and hard to deal.

6. Not only these but professions like Manufacturing, Legal services, Healthcare jobs, Food service industry and Financial service results in depression to a person working in these fields.

If I’m lacking with any profession that is also quite depressing, so let me know in the comment below:


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